Flexcryl™  pressure sensitive adhesives 

Flexcryl adhesives are designed for a wide range of pressure-sensitive applications. Our coater-ready formulations meet the most stringent performance requirements in the labeling industry.

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Formulated PSAs for general purpose, all-temperature and specialty labels.

● FDA compliant 
● Removable to permanent 
● Low temperature adhesion 
● High Speed Coating 
● Excellent die-cutability 
● UV resistant

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Pressure sensitive adhesives product development services

Ashland’s global technology team is staffed with scientists dedicated to the development of novel pressure-sensitive adhesives. Ashland’s product development process starts with the determination of customer needs and priorities. The product requirement list is built upon all aspects of adhesive processing and end-use performance. Key characteristics include face stock and release liner compatibility, coatability and convertibility as well as converting and application methods of the final pressure-sensitive article. Development involves determining the polymer structure-property relationship and compounding ingredients that create the desired balance of finished product properties. This fundamental understanding is key to successfully scaling the product from the lab into the pilot plant to consistent full-scale production.

Pressure sensitive adhesives technical service and support

Technical Service at Ashland means that our customers will always have the backup of a dedicated technical team to assist not only in problem resolution, but also as allies in the strengthening of their business. Our dedicated technical service associates are trained in all aspects of the technology and products. They have experience in product development from polymerization to compounding, manufacturing, coating, markets and application requirements. As a result, this team can successfully support problem resolution with a broad knowledge of products and applications. This same broad product and market knowledge can provide valuable assistance in strengthening our customers’ businesses in everything by defining new uses and providing product enhancements to achieve increased coating and converting efficiencies.

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)