Drewfax™ scale inhibitors

Drewfax scale inhibitors comprise a family of novel products that effectively control inorganic hard scale formation in digesters, bleach plants and recausticizing pulp mill systems.

When inorganic hard scales such as calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate form in pulp mill systems, they can negatively impact pulp production and pulp quality and require significant downtime for equipment cleaning. Formulated from proprietary synthetic polymers and/or organophorphonic acid

chemistries, Drewfax products utilize multiple scale control mechanisms, including dispersion, inhibition, crystal modification and sequestration, to significantly reduce the potential for scale formation on equipment surfaces. 

In fact, commercial applications confirm that Drewfax scale inhibitors are considerably more effective at controlling inorganic hard scales than any other commercially available technology.

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Drewfax scale inhibitors effectively control the formation of inorganic hard scales in pulp mill systems. Commercial applications confirm this and typically result in a number of value-added benefits.

● Increased pulp production
● Improved pulp quality
● Reduced chemical costs
● Reduced steam usage
● Increased time between shutdowns

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