Cold emulsion styrene butadiene rubber

Ashland offers the most complete range of cold emulsion styrene butadiene rubber (eSBR) in the industry today. Their narrow molecular weight distribution makes them ideal for applications including tires, automotive, mechanical rubber goods, footwear, and/or general purpose applications in need of wear resistance and processing versatility.

We offer a comprehensive selection of grades, the highest-quality products in the industry and the formulation support you need. We are committed to the continued production of quality SBR using modern quality control techniques and have designed products specifically for your industry.

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Cold unextended SBR polymers
Staining grades

1500 – General-purpose, with higher physicals and abrasion resistance than the hot polymers. It processes readily, provides the highest tensile available in cold SBR polymers, and is suitable for products which do not require resistance to staining and discoloration.

Non-staining grades

1502 – Light-colored and general purpose, it provides the maximum in physical properties consistent with excellent color properties.

1502L – A lower viscosity version of 1502, it is light-colored for general purpose use. It provides the maximum in physical properties consistent with excellent color properties.

1507 – A lower Mooney version of 1502; light colored, general purpose with excellent color properties.

1510 – A cold emulsion SBR having low ash content and low water absorption which provides excellent electrical properties.

1551 – Light-colored, for manufacturing rubber goods and applications requiring high binding or green tack.

Cold oil-extended SBR polymers
Staining grades

1712 – Excellent processing stability, for general-purpose tire and manufactured rubber goods use.

1712H – A higher Mooney version of 1712. For general-purpose use, it has excellent processing properties and superior polymer stability.

1712L – A low Mooney version of 1712, this general-purpose SBR has excellent processing properties and superior polymer stability.

1763 – An environmentally friendly version.

Higher-bound styrene grade
Staining grade

1721 – A high bound styrene, it features low air permeability and good traction characteristics for high-performance tires.

1732N – For high-performance tires.

1769 – An environmentally friendly version.

Non-staining grade

1778 – General purpose, exhibiting exceptional ultraviolet light stability. For manufactured rubber goods and tire carcasses.

High styrene rubber masterbatch

1904 – 60 percent total available styrene.

SBR black masterbatch
Unextended grade

1605 – A CBMB SBR with 50 parts of N-550 carbon black.

Oil extended staining grade

1606L – An SBR CBMB based on 1500 latex and N-330 carbon black. It provides high tensile properties associated with low oil extension and N-330 type carbon black. It is bale-dipped.

1847 – An SBR CBMB based on 1712 latex and N-339 carbon black. It provides tensile properties greater than equivalent CBMB produced with HAF or HAF-H carbon black, and superior abrasion resistance.

1848 – A higher oil and black extended version of 1847.

4869 – For use in radial treads and light truck retreads.


Ashland elastomers are manufactured to the highest standards at our plant in Port Neches, Texas, USA, where we continually turn out high volumes of products to meet customer demand. Significant investments in equipment, process improvements and staff have been made over the years, and we are committed to the continued production of quality SBR, using modern quality-control techniques.