AquaFLO™ standard grade polyanionic cellulose

AquaFLO standard grade polyanionic cellulose is appropriate for water-based drilling fluids to provide rheology and filtration control properties.

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Drilling Fluids

AquaFLO polyanionic cellulose is effective to control rheology and filtration properties of a variety of water-based drilling fluids. Available in two viscosity grades, AquaFLO HV polyanionic cellulose is a high viscosity standard PAC for rheology and filtration control and AquaFLO LV polyanionic cellulose is a low viscosity standard PAC for filtration control.

  •  Functions across a broad range of pH conditions
  •  Compatible with virtually all additives for water-based drilling fluid systems
  •  Improve the character and consistency of wallcake
  •  Low viscosity grade is used for filtration control properties
  •  High viscosity grade is used to both Increase fluid overall rheology and fluid loss filtration control properties
  •  High purity

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AquaFLO HV polyanionic cellulose

   High-viscosity standard PAC for rheology and filtration control

AquaFLO LV polyanionic cellulose    Low-viscosity standard PAC for filtration control

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Drilling Fluids
Filtration Control Additive, Fluid Rheology Modifier