Aquaflex™ XL-30 polymer INCI Name: Polyimide-1

Aquaflex XL-30 polymer, a isobutylene/dimethylaminopropyl maleimide/ethoxylated maleimide/maleic acid copolymer, is an amphoteric polymer with unique film properties that has demonstrated benefit in curling, volume boosting and durable hold on hair, and tightening on skin. In addition, in hair care, when used with typical thickeners, Aquaflex XL-30 polymer provides synergistic high-humidity curl retention.

Application Information




Hair Care

Used in non-aerosol styling sprays, gels, mousses, hair treatments, shampoos, conditioners, and novel stylers.

  • Volume and root boost
  • Flexibility gives style memory
  • Durable hold
  • Dry films on hair are smooth


Skin Care

Used in body care, color cosmetics, and facial care applications.

  • Skin tightening
  • Eyelash curling
  • Volumizing effects

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Formulations and Solution Properties

Supplied as a 30 percent aqueous solution

Recommended use level for hair care applications: 0.25-4.0 percent solids

Aquaflex XL-30 polymer chemistry
Aquaflex XL-30 polymer chemistry

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Product Types or Functions

Personal Care
Hair Care, Skin Care
Film Former, Fixative and Styling Polymer, Skin Tightener