V-Cap™ vinyl caprolactam

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V-Cap vinyl caprolactam is a pale yellow crystalline solid stabilized with 10 ppm N,N’-di-sec-butyl p-phenylenediamine. Polymers synthesized from V-Cap vinyl caprolactam are significantly more hydrophobic than their V-Pyrol vinyl pyrrolidone analogs but still exhibit the adhesiveness, strength and complexing capability characteristic of the lactam functionality. 

V-Cap vinyl caprolactam is a supercooled liquid and can remain as a liquid at room temperature for extended periods. Rapid, exothermic crystallization under these conditions should not be confused with bulk polymerization.

V-Cap RC vinyl caprolactam accelerates UV curing rates as the reactive diluent. Typically formulated with an acrylate oligomer, it imparts unique solution viscosity reduction and enhanced adhesion to non-polar substrates. The activated double bond of V-Cap vinyl caprolactam facilitates its use in free radical homo- and copolymerizations and grafting reactions. The products of these reactions are either linear or crosslinked homopolymers and nonionic, anionic and cationic copolymers. 

Polymers from V-Cap vinyl caprolactam are amorphous, and the caprolactam ring imparts hydrophobicity, adhesiveness, strength and complexing capability.

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