Survixyl IS™ biofunctional INCI Name: Water (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Pentapeptide-31

Survixyl IS biofunctional helps boost the Stemness Recovery Complex™ to preserve the niche environment of epidermal stem cells and optimize epidermal self-rejuvenation.

A botanical version extracted from rice Oryza sativa is available under the trade name Survixyl RZ™ biofunctional. Oryza sativa is listed on the Chinese list of recognized ingredients in 2003 (Ministry of Health).

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Skin Care

Used in body care, color cosmetics and facial care applications.

  • Helps boost the Stemness Recovery Complex™, in vitro, ex vivo
  • Helps preserve cells under conditions of stress, in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo
  • Contributes to optimize epidermal self-rejuvenation, in vivo

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Recommended use level: 0.5 to 1.5 percent (clinically tested at 1 percent)

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Personal Care
Skin Care
Anti-aging, DNA Protection, Skin Protection, Vincience™ biofunctional ingredient