Styleze™ CC-10 polymer INCI Name: VP/DMAPA Acrylates Copolymer

Styleze CC-10 polymer, a copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylaminopropyl methacrylamide, is a unique, patented polymer that delivers excellent hold and conditioning benefits to hair. Styleze CC-10 polymer imparts long-lasting hold and improved stiffness, even in high humidity conditions and at low use levels. Its pseudocationic nature makes it substantive to hair, providing conditioning and bodying effects as well as delivering improved shine, better manageability and a cleaner feel. Styleze CC-10 polymer can also be used as a thermal protectant in hair care products.

Application Information




Hair Care

Used in gels, mousses, styling lotions/creams, styling sprays (non-aerosol), novelty stylers, shampoos, conditioners.

  • Superior, durable hold
  • Clear, non-tacky films
  • Long-lasting curl retention and stiffness
  • Substantive to hair
  • Conditioning and bodying effects
  • Shine
  • Manageability
  • Clean feel
  • Thermal protection
  • Volumizing effects in shampoos
  • Forms a sprayable polyelectrolyte matrix when used in conjunction with one of the following rheology modifiers (Ashland 980/940 Carbomer, UltraThix™ P-100 polymer, RapiThix™ A-60 polymer, Stabileze™ QM polymer)

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Formulations and Solution Properties

Recommended use level:

Styling: 0.25-2.0 percent solids
Shampoos/Conditioners: 0.5-1.0 percent solids

Supplied as a 10 percent aqueous solution.


Styleze CC-10 polymer chemistry: Copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylaminopropyl methacrylamide
Styleze CC-10 polymer chemistry

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Personal Care
Hair Care
Fixative and Styling Polymer