ShipShape™ resin cleaner

Ashland produces an engineered family based on M-Pyrol™ solvents which are designed to meet the needs of specific cleaning operations. These include ShipShape resin cleaner, FoamFlush™ urethane remover and PartsReady™ degreaser, which are recommended for unique applications when M-Pyrol solvents alone cannot meet certain cleaning requirements. In addition to their excellent solvency, our engineered solvents are formulated for low VOC and low toxicity. They are effective replacements for methylene chloride, acetone, MEK and halogenated solvents.

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Industrial Cleaners

Low-VOC cleanup solvent for paint and resin manufacturers.

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Physical Properties

Physical form @ 25°C       Light yellow clear

Density (g/ml)                    1.07

Melting point °F (°C)         22.0 (-20.0)

Boiling point °F (°C)          396-399 (202-204)

Flashpoint °F (°C)              197 (91.7)

Viscosity @ 25°C               2.02


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Paint and Coatings
Industrial Cleaners