Purelam™  aromatic solventless laminating adhesive

Purelam is a two-component solventless, aromatic polyurethane laminating adhesive system suitable for bonding flexible packaging materials. Purelam has been formulated to exhibit exceptional performance when applied to metalized films or aluminum foil. Purelam is FDA compliant and is typically used in flexible packaging markets for products such as snacks, meats, confectionery and cheeses.

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Flexible Packaging
Purelam adhesives are used in a variety of different flexible packaging applications, including packaging for snacks, meats, confectionery and cheeses. Purelam bonds to most film and foil combinations and has excellent bond strength, machinability characteristics and is easy to clean.

● Superior adhesion to metalized films, including polyesters 
● Excellent bond strength development 
● Excellent environmental resistance 
● Excellent aggressive ingredient resistance

Label, Wrapper, Tag

Used in a variety of label applications, Purelam has superior adhesion to metalized films and excellent bond strength development.

● Excellent machinability characteristics 
● Easy clean up

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Ashland manufactures a wide variety of flexible packaging adhesives that are used in multiple high-performance industries. Ashland’s expertise is backed by providing analytical services and technical service, all managed within our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines. Our flexible packaging adhesives adhere to the FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

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