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Ashland has been a leading participant in the beverage industry for more than 30 years, originating with the Polyclar™ (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) stabilizers product line to help ensure the quality and extended shelf-life of beer, wine, fruit juices and teas. Ashland has made significant contributions to advancing the science of stabilization and has been routinely consulted by some of the foremost breweries and wineries to resolve colloidal and flavor stability problems.

In response to customers’ needs for more advanced specialist support services in the core competency of beverage stabilization and related clarification technology, Ashland has developed its specialist service capability on a global basis.

We provide our beverage customers with a holistic approach to beverage stabilization, utilizing advanced science and technology and state-of-the art instrumentation. Our brewmasters prioritize key business values, working with customers as their strategic problem-solver to attain sustainable solutions. Along with our technical specialists, our brewmasters also provide on-site training on tailor-made topics.

This dedicated team of brewmasters and technical specialists employs the latest stabilization technology and analytical procedures to achieve operational cost-effectiveness.

Ashland’s technical service capabilities include plant visits to:

● breweries,
● wineries, and
● tea plants.

Our technical service experts work with end users of our Polyclar stabilizers on site to:

● identify the most appropriate, cost-effective stabilization regime to meet customers’ specifications for technical and commercial shelf-life of products, and
● establish a preferred partnership with Ashland to provide long-term reliable delivery and specialist services.

Ashland provides leading-edge technical support which makes us different from our competition including:

● PVPP first-fill assistance;
● on-site colloidal tests for beer samples with our haze tester, and
● analytical tests for PVPP slurry health care at our laboratories.

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