Pliobond™ adhesives

Ashland has a full line of solvent and water-based bonding adhesives and sealants available for EPDM, PVC, TPO and CSPE membranes. Pliobond products have been designed to provide high green strength,

excellent heat and moisture resistance, long-term durability, and easy application. VOC-compliant versions of many adhesives are available.

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Product Availability
  • Asia Pacific, India
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Latin America and South America
  • North America

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Commercial Roofing

Bonding adhesives for:
EPDM (solvent, water-based, VOC compliant)
PVC (solvent, water-based, VOC compliant)
TPO (solvent, water-based, VOC compliant)

Sealants & accessories:
EPDM Splice Adhesive
Single-ply Membrane Cleaner
Seam Sealants
Water Cut-off Mastic

● High viscosity
● Easy application
● Excellent dielectric properties
● Low water absorption
● High strength for long-tern durability

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ServicesAshland offers a variety of services which complement this product.

Structural and industrial adhesives analytical services

The team offers chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy, spectrometry, thermal analysis and mechanical testing services that validate and verify applications of the products to ensure quality control and safety.

Structural and industrial adhesives technical services

Ashland’s global technology team includes skilled scientists, chemists, engineers and researchers who formulate specialty adhesives to meet the dynamic needs of the market. In addition, a team of technical service representatives with extensive process experience and knowledge support the effective and efficient field use of Ashland’s adhesives.

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Building and Construction
Commercial Roofing