Purekote™ water-based styrene acrylic urethane and hybrid coatings

Ashland's Purekote water-based overprint coatings and primers are coater-ready for a variety of coating methods, including flexographic, offset/lithographic, gravure, meyer rod and screen. Our coatings can also be formulated to meet specific government regulations (FDA, Prop 65, CONEG) as well as compliant with specific CPG companies’ specifications.

Ashland’s Purekote water-based coatings offer superior performance with consistent gloss, high scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance. Whatever your needs, Ashland has a product for you. We can customize our products to meet your specific requirements.

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Industrial Coatings

Ashland’s Purekote water-based coatings can be customized for industrial applications. Please contact an account manager to receive more information.

  • Custom-formulated for the highest level of performance
Overprint Coating

Ashland’s Purekote water-based coatings are used in a variety applications (labels, commercial and packaging printing and flexible packaging printing), so whether it is to provide protection, enhance the aesthetics or perform specific functions, we have the coatings to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whatever your needs, Ashland has a product for you.

  • Increases mechanical scuff/abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced aesthetic options (matte, texture)
  • Improved adhesion without requiring primers
  • Improve machinability or convertability
  • Excellent barrier properties protect against moisture, chemical and oxygen damage
  • Can be custom formulated to meet your needs
Primers, Print Receptive Coatings

Purekote UV/EB primers and print-receptive coatings can be specifically formulated to perform in various print-receptive coating applications and substrate enhancement. Whether it is for enhanced printability for your flexographic, lithographic, digital, inkjet and other printing techniques or just to improve the adhesion to various films and substrates, Ashland Purekote primers and print receptive coatings can offer the performance you need.

  • Enhanced adhesion to substrates (PP, PE, PET, PS, etc)
  • Cured to higher surface energy or dyne-level for enhanced printability

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Laminating adhesives and coatings technical & analytical services

Ashland manufactures a wide variety of flexible packaging adhesives that are used in multiple high-performance industries. Ashland’s expertise is backed by providing analytical services and technical service, all managed within our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines. Our flexible packaging adhesives adhere to the FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Custom formulated laminating adhesives and coatings

At Ashland, we realize one size doesn’t always fit all. Ashland’s high level of experience in product development and technical services allows us to work directly with our customers to develop meaningful solutions. Our technical service department brings accelerated customization when a standard product does not meet performance requirements. 

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Packaging, Converting and Printing
Industrial Coatings, Overprint Coating, Primers, Print Receptive Coatings