Liberty™ water-soluble polymer suspension

Liberty water-soluble polymer suspension (FPS) is a thickener/rheology modifier that is most useful in paper coatings. This product has outstanding water-retention, coating holdout, coating runnability and handling properties. As a result, Liberty FPS has been found to offer superior performance advantages compared to traditional thickeners. It provides water retention, improved runnability, enhanced gloss, smoothness, print mottle reduction and brightness in pigmented coatings.

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Application Information




Paper Coatings

Used in traditional pigmented paper coatings; easy-to-use liquid versions are available.

  • Improved runnability
  • Smoothness
  • Print mottle reduction
  • Optical brightness
  • Enhanced gloss
  • Excellent water retention
Pigment Slurries

Provides good suspension and slurry stability

  • Suspension and stabilization

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Product Types or Functions

Pulp and Paper - Pulp
Paper Coatings, Pigment Slurries
Rheology Modifier, Stabilization Agent, Thickener, Water-retention Enhancer