Kymene™ wet strength additives

Kymene™ wet-strength additives, based on polyamide-epichlorohydrin (PAE) resin chemistry, help papermakers improve the wet strength of grades intended primarily for the consumer market.

PAE resins have a high level of wet-strength permanence, help improve machine efficiency and do not adversely affect paper absorbency as do some other chemistries. Continuous innovation by Ashland scientists since the 1950s has produced stronger-performing resins while also reducing several harmful by-products. Today, Ashland offers the broadest portfolio of wet-strength resins in all parts of the world and provides solutions in a wide range of solids content to help our customers balance freight costs, shelf life and product stability concerns.

Kymene wet strength additives are most effective over a stock pH range of 4 to 9. However, because these products are alkaline curing, the best performance is obtained at pH 6.5 to 8.5. Optimum results are obtained by adding the Kymene product to high-consistency stock either before or preferably after refining. Wet strength addition rates generally range from 0.2 percent to 1.2 percent dry basis. Dosages outside this range are used occasionally for some specialty grades.

Kymene™ Wet-strength Resin Innovations

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Strength Enhancement

Kymene wet strength additives significantly improve the wet strength performance of tissue and towel, packaging, and specialty grades such as label papers. Commercial applications confirm this and typically result in a number of value-added benefits.

● Improved wet strength
● Improved retention and drainage
● Enhanced creping control
● Improved dry strength
● Reduced chemical costs
● Improved machine runnability

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Customer Analytical Services

Ashland Water Technologies’ Customer Analytical Services team is dedicated to helping customers address the multitude of contaminants that can negatively impact the efficiency and reliability of their water-based systems.  The team is made up of an experienced staff of analytical chemists, microbiologists and technicians and is supported by sophisticated testing equipment that provides rapid analysis and identification of contaminants beyond what may be accomplished with field-based methods.  Key services provided by the team include fluid analysis, deposit analysis, microbiological analysis and metallurgical analysis.

Papermaking Services

Continuous pilot papermaking systems are the cornerstones of Ashland Water Technologies’ Papermaking Services group. 

The primary purpose of our papermaking operations is to provide papermakers with insights and solutions to problems and opportunities

related to the effects of additives and system changes on wet-laid products and processes. 

Our facilities are equipped to conduct trials that predict commercial system performance.

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How it WorksThe chemistry behind the solution

During the curing process, the functional groups on the Kymene polymer react with cellulose fiber to form a covalent bond. The polymer molecules cross-link, forming a network in the cellulose web that provides strength when the paper becomes wet. Additionally, Kymene products can reinforce existing fiber-to-fiber bonds, which further enhance the strength of the paper.

Hercobond™ dry strength additives can be used in combination with Kymene

wet strength additives to enhance wet and dry tensile performance. Normally added to the thick stock after the wet strength additive, the Hercobond additive can increase wet and dry tensile performance by as much as 25 percent. 

Hercobond additives are especially useful for improving the performance of Kymene additives when Kymene additives are used at high addition rates.

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Pulp and Paper
Strength Enhancement
Wet Strength Additive