Isogrip™ structural adhesives

Isogrip structural adhesives are used in the fabrication of laminated sandwich panels. Isogrip are one-part polyurethane adhesives used for bonding gypsum wallboard, mineral board, oriented strand board, plywood, fiberglass or metal to core materials such as polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, paper honeycomb materials, as well as other materials. 

Isogrip adhesives are for structural use where high resistance to moisture is required in roof, wall, door and floor sandwich panels, and in some cases subject to sustained loadings. The adhesives are applied to one of the substrates to be bonded using roll coating, extruding techniques or a swirl coater. The adhesives are then misted with water prior to covering with the other substrate being bonded.

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Laminated Panels

Isogrip adhesives are used to bond substrates in the production of patio enclosure panels, structural insulated panels, architectural panels, exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage doors, truck and trailer swing doors, fire rated doors, millwork, recreational and modular panels and freezer panels, just to name a few.

● One component
● Easy application
● Low water absorption
● High strength for long-tern durability

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Structural and industrial adhesives technical services

Ashland’s global technology team includes skilled scientists, chemists, engineers and researchers who formulate specialty adhesives to meet the dynamic needs of the market. In addition, a team of technical service representatives with extensive process experience and knowledge support the effective and efficient field use of Ashland’s adhesives.

Structural and industrial adhesives analytical services

The team offers chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy, spectrometry, thermal analysis and mechanical testing services that validate and verify applications of the products to ensure quality control and safety.

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