Enguard™ gelcoat

Enguard products contain specifically tailored polymeric resins blended with a selective group of colorants and additives to impart the reliable protection expected by the fabricator for in-mold coating of fiber-reinforced plastics and cast polymers. Several Enguard gelcoat products are available through Ashland’s unique auto-adjust Instint™ color tinting service.

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Application Information




Automotive Aftermarket
Meets a variety of transportation needs including fire retardance, sanding/post-painting and exterior uv-resistance.

● Good hydrolysis resistance 
● Good UV stability 
● Fire Retardance 
● Sandability

Cultured Marble and Onyx
Available for a variety of sanitary needs with good hydrolysis and thermal shock resistance meeting applicable regional standards such as ANSI or CSA. Products are available for high production rates, versatility, clarity and high bright
  • Fast cure
  • Good hydrolysis resistance
  • Good thermal shock resistance
Heavy Truck
Meeting a variety of transportation needs including fire retardance, sanding/post-painting, and exterior uv-resistance, Enguard™ gelcoats are used to create bus and truck parts, spoilers and wind deflectors.

● Good hydrolysis resistance 
● Good UV stability 
● Fire Retardance 
● Sandability

Available for different panel performance requirements such as fast cure, food contact (regionally), low emission and high hardness.

● Fast cure 
● Food contact 
● Low emission 
● High hardness

Pipes, Tanks, and Fittings
Offer protection for a wide range of building and construction applications with various products for UV stability, fire retardance, good hydrolysis resistance or high hardness.

● Good UV stability 
● Fire Retardance 
● Good hydrolysis resistance 
● High hardness

Recreational Marine

Used in boat hulls, decks and bilges. Available with good hydrolysis resistance and ultra-violet light stability as well as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas registrations. Interior bilge topcoats with excellent coverage are available. Bonding pastes and faring compounds are available regionally.

● Good hydrolysis resistance 
● Good UV stability 
● Excellent coverage in bilges

Tub and Shower
Wind Energy
Available for blade and nacelle applications. Additionally, Enguard bonding pastes are tailored for exceptional mechanical and flow properties in the high demanding blade applications

Gelcoats available with:
● Excellent application properties 
● Good UV stability and hydrolysis resistance 

Bonding pastes available with: 
● Exceptional mechanical properties 
● Excellent flow properties

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Instint™ color tinting service

Ashland’s Instint color tinting service is a unique in-can tinting system for gelcoats widely recognized as the benchmark gelcoat tinting system in more than 25 countries across the globe.

The Instint color tinting service accurately dispenses colorants and adjusts geltimes with Ashland’s patented auto-adjust pastes. The Instint color tinting service offers more than 1,000 pre-programmed colors immediately available in several geltime ranges.

Distributors installing an Instint color tinting service unit will see the following benefits to their customers and business:

● Faster response time 
● Better service to customers 
● Lower freight costs per can of gelcoat 
● Decreased storage level
● Lower inventory costs 
● Wide color selection 
● Reproducible color 
● The benefits of Ashland’s highly regarded Maxguard™ and Enguard™  gelcoats

Resins and gelcoat technical & analytical services

Ashland’s global technology team includes skilled scientists, chemists, engineers and researchers who formulate specialty polymer products. With extensive experience in processes such as hand lay-up, spray-up and closed molding processes such as infusion, resin transfer molding, sheet molding compound, bulk molding compound, pultrusion and cured-in-place pipe, our development team can simulate the manufacturing environment in our world -class facility. This team then applies its specialty chemical expertise to customize polymers that enhance customers’ specific application needs. The team also offers chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy, spectrometry, thermal analysis and mechanical testing services that validate and verify applications of its products to ensure quality control and safety.


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Product Types or Functions

Building and Construction
Cultured Marble and Onyx, Panels, Pipes, Tanks, and Fittings, Tub and Shower
Wind Energy
Recreational Marine
Automotive Aftermarket, Heavy Truck