Dynagen™ biofunctional INCI Name: Water (aqua) (and) Glycerin (and) Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein

Dynagen biofunctional is a patent-pending yeast extract designed to nurture essential markers to help minimize hair fall and to help strengthen the hair follicle while nourishing the hair root. By targeting specific protein markers, in vitro studies show that Dynagen biofunctional may help protect and combat the visual effects of aging, thinning hair.

In addition, it may help with the reinforcement and stability of the hair follicle. The outcome, as demonstrated by in vivo clinical study, is a perceived increase in hair volume, vibrance and bounce.

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Hair Care

Biofunctional used in hair serums and treatments, scalp treatments and conditioners.

  • Consumer-perceivable anti- hair fall benefit for stronger, thicker, healthier hair feel, in vivo
  • Boosts expression of key protein markers, k14, k17, K71, Trichohyalin to help minimize hair fall
  • Boosts the in vitro expression of collagen 1, which may help protect hair against aging
  • Increases the expression of collagen IV and CD34 to help enhance the healthy appearance of hair

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Recommended use level: 0.5-1 percent.

Available as an aqueous solution.

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Personal Care
Hair Care
Anti-aging, Hair Nourishment, Hair Strengthening, Minimize Hair Fall, Vincience™ BiotHAIRapy™ biofunctional