Dose-Map™ dosimetry system

The Dose-Map film cassette system is easy to use for verification of a blood irradiator’s performance. It is used to measure and map the absorbed dose in the blood irradiator canister and has a typical accuracy of plus or minus 5 percent, based on calibrated doses provided by the University of Wisconsin Radiation Calibration Laboratory.

The Dose-Map cassette is exposed using a standard irradiation cycle.  After the exposed cassette is returned to Ashland, the film is analyzed using a flatbed scanner and software designed specifically for film dose analysis. All measurements are indexed to alanine, an internationally recognized dosimetry transfer standard. The measurement of the alanine pellet is performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Information provided to the customer consists of:

  • a color-coded dose contour plot showing the distribution of absorbed dose in the canister (see sample below), and
  • a dose distribution chart showing the centerline, left edge and right edge of the canister.

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Additional Information

Dose-Map dosimetry system is available for these blood irradiators

Biobeam 2000


Gammacell 3000 Elan

Biobeam 8000 (40.7)



Biobeam 8000 (75.4)


JL Shepherd 109-C

Gammacell 1000


JL Shepherd 143-45

Gammacell 1000 Elite


JL Shepherd 143-68

Gammacell 3000



Dose mapping is also available for research irradiators as long as they fit our measurable dosage range.

To place an order 

Call Customer Service at +1 800 622 4423 with the following information:

● Make/model/serial number of the irradiator
● Inside height and diameter of the canister
● Name and address of person to receive the report