DeTac™ pitch and stickies control agents

Ashland’s DeTac pitch and stickies control agents comprise a family of patented organic contaminant control products for stock treatment.

Designed for use in packaging, printing and writing, and tissue and towel grades, the technology combines the benefits of a detackifier, stabilizer and fixative to simultaneously address multiple deposition 

parameters, thereby significantly reducing or eliminating the potential for deposition. 

Results recorded from practical applications of the technology confirm that it is considerably more effective at controlling pitch and stickies deposition than any other commercially available technology.

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Deposit Control

DeTac pitch and stickies control agents significantly reduce the potential for pitch and stickies deposition in packaging, printing and writing, and tissue and towel grades. Commercial applications confirm this and typically result in a number of value-added benefits.

● Improved machine efficiency
● Improved sheet quality
● Decreased use of cleaning chemicals
● Decreased downtime
● Improved converting performance

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ServicesAshland offers a variety of services which complement this product.

Customer Analytical Services

Ashland Water Technologies’ Customer Analytical Services team is dedicated to helping customers address the multitude of contaminants that can negatively impact the efficiency and reliability of their water-based systems.  The team is made up of an experienced staff of analytical chemists, microbiologists and technicians and is supported by sophisticated testing equipment that provides rapid analysis and identification of contaminants beyond what may be accomplished with field-based methods.  Key services provided by the team include fluid analysis, deposit analysis, microbiological analysis and metallurgical analysis.

Papermaking Services

Continuous pilot papermaking systems are the cornerstones of Ashland Water Technologies’ Papermaking Services group. 

The primary purpose of our papermaking operations is to provide papermakers with insights and solutions to problems and opportunities

related to the effects of additives and system changes on wet-laid products and processes. 

Our facilities are equipped to conduct trials that predict commercial system performance.

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How it WorksThe chemistry behind the results

DeTac pitch and stickies control agents are formulated from a variety of polymer and protein chemistries that utilize a unique hydrophobic and hydrophilic design to detackify colloidal material. These chemistries adsorb onto the colloidal material, enhancing stability and modifying the contaminant surface to reduce

adhesion. The real key to the effectiveness of the program, however, is the fixative effect achieved through hydrogen bonding, which retains contaminants in the web.

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Pulp and Paper
Deposit Control