Culminal™ methylcellulose derivatives

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Culminal methylcellulose derivatives are nonionic cellulose ethers used in a variety of industrial applications as adhesives, binders, extrusion aids, plasticizers, protective colloids, rheology modifiers, stabilization agents, thickeners and water-retention agents.
Culminal methylcellulose derivatives have applications in the advanced traditional ceramics, ceramics, pottery and porcelain, commercial and institutional, general manufacturing, paint and coatings, pulp and paper, suspension polymerization and tobacco markets.
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Product Types or Functions

Building and Construction
External Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS), Gypsum Plaster, Joint Compound, Joint Filler, Renders, Stucco, Self-Leveling Underlayments and Floor Screeds, Skim Coats, Tile Adhesives, Caulks and Sealants, Tile Cement
Suspension Agent and Stabilization Enhancer, Water-retention Agent, Workability and Sag Resistance Enhancer, Workability and Suspension Enhancer and Low Air Stabilizer
Commercial and Institutional
Industrial Cleaners
Stabilization Agent
General Manufacturing
Advanced Ceramics
Binder, Extrusion Aid
More Specialties - Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Ceramics
Binder, Plasticizer
More Specialties - Housewares and Consumer
More Specialties - Suspension Polymerization
Suspension Polymerization
Protective Colloid
More Specialties - Tobacco
Reconstituted Tobacco
Adhesives, Binder, Film Former
Paint and Coatings
Paint Removers
Pulp and Paper
Pigment Slurries