Supercol™ guar gum

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Supercol guar gum is a high-purity, food-grade, water-soluble polymer that functions in foods by changing the viscosity of the water or controlling its mobility. In this way, usable stabilization, thickening, water-binding and viscosity control are produced without adding calories. Supercol guar gum is used as a mouthfeel enhancer, as a thickener and water binder in the bakery, in the  beverage, meat, meat analogues and pet food segments of the food and beverage market, and as a rheology modifier in personal care products.

Technical Information

Guar is a leguminous plant that grows to a height of three to six feet. It bears many beanlike pods, each of which contains six to nine small, rounded seeds. Because of its drought resistance, it grows mostly in semiarid regions of the world such as India and Pakistan. The growing season is 20 to 25 weeks long, and harvesting takes place in the fall.

The guar seed is typically made up of 40 to 46 percent germ, 38 to 45 percent endosperm, and 14 to 16 percent husk. Supercol guar gum is prepared by removing the husk and germ portions before extracting the gum from the endosperm, to yield high-purity powder products of varying granulation and viscosity. Chemically, guar gum is a galactomannan, best illustrated with galactose on every other mannose unit.

Additional Information

Regulatory Status
Supercol guar gum is produced under good manufacturing practices and meets current Food Chemical Codex and JECFA specifications for food-grade guar gum. It is affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe for direct addition to human food and is in compliance with the guar gum requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as specified in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Section 184.1339, subject to the limitations and requirements therein. Supercol guar gum also conforms to the purity criteria of E412 as mentioned in the Annex of EC directive 2008/84/EC and amendments.

Common label declarations include guar gum.

Manufacturing Site
Kenedy, Texas, USA