Aquaflow™ XLS nonionic synthetic associative thickeners

Aquaflow XLS nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs) represent breakthrough, second-generation liquid rheology modifiers for water-based paints and coatings. XLS stands for "eXceptional Leveling and Sag resistance" and the breakthrough is hard-to-achieve balance of sag-resistance with the superior leveling of characteristic NSAT thickeners.

In all waterborne latex paints, Aquaflow XLS offers painters a virtually drip-free application. Applied hiding is often enhanced due to the superior flow and leveling that helps to eliminate brush marks.

Viscosity retention on tinting is typically improved with XLS in paints that are post-tinted with universal colorant systems. Tinted paint viscosity is more predictable and the superior sag resistance is retained, even after deep tinting.

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Waterborne Architectural Coatings

Aquaflow XLS NSATs are the latest-generation for high performance waterborne paints and coatings.

  • Highly efficient low shear (Brookfield and KU) rheology build
  • Drip-free application
  • Solvent-free and APEO-free formulation
  • Color stable

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Thickener Performance Comparison

Compare the performance of next-generation Aquaflow XLS to conventional low-shear effective HEUR thickeners. Aquaflow XLS imparts superior sag resistance and viscosity retention on tinting with universal colorant systems, and also provides other characteristics that enhance its value as a thickening additive.

Sag Resistance Comparison

The photographs to the right demonstrate the superior sag resistance of Aquaflow XLS. It compares sag drawdowns of a typical 50 VOC, acrylic, semi-gloss paint, post tinted at 12 oz/gal colorant (8 percent w/w). The photo on top is a conventional HEUR thickener; the photo on the bottom shows the same paint thickened with Aquaflow XLS-500 / NHS-300.

Despite similar pre-tinting Stormer (KU) viscosity, Aquaflow XLS virtually eliminates dripping.

Conventional HEUR thickener
Conventional HEUR thickener

Paint thickened with Aquaflow XLS-500 / NHS-300
Paint thickened with Aquaflow XLS-500 / NHS-300

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Paint and Coatings
Waterborne Architectural Coatings
Rheology modification, sag resistance enhancement and viscosity retention on tinting