Antaron™ (Ganex™) polymers

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The Antaron (Ganex) family of alkylated polyvinylpyrrolidones are relatively low molecular weight polymers varying in degree of hydrophobicity from water soluble powder (P-904LC) to water insoluble flaked solid (WP-660).

Ganex polymers are copolymers produced from alpha-olefin and vinylpyrrolidone. The alkyl component varies from a C-4 to C-30 moiety in concentrations from 10 to 80 percent. The combination of vinylpyrrolidone and alkyl functionalities produces a balance of dispersing and waterproofing capacity in the Ganex line.

Ganex is sold as Antaron in Europe and Canada.

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Pour-point Depressant
More Specialties
Film Former, Oil-soluble Dispersant
Paint and Coatings
Personal Care
Skin Care, Sun Care
Film Former, Water-resistant Agent
Printing and Inks
Printing Inks
Film Former, Oil-soluble Dispersant