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From multi-use silica gels to industrial cleaners to emulsifiers for textile manufacturing, our broad portfolio of specialty chemicals and on-the-ground expertise enable our customers to deliver new product benefits and gain competitive advantage in their market segments.We quickly respond to market drivers such as consumer trends, global economic drivers and much more.

For example, Ashland is committed to a number of high-value, low-volume specialized technologies such as carbon iron pentacarbonyl. Found in products such as radar-absorbing composites used in stealth aircraft and vibration-reducing fluids in premium car shock absorbers, these reactions of fine iron particles with carbon monoxide are chemical precursors for the synthesis of various iron-based nanoparticles.

We are also there when metalworking professionals need a better way to cut, quench or clean, with biocides, intermediates such as butynediol, solvents, emulsifiers and polymers. Offering a choice of single-active and blended solutions backed by regulatory expertise and excellent technical service, Ashland supports tool setting, sump maintenance and metal cooling, handling and cleaning.

Our application specialists, located throughout the world, provide our customers with expert technical assistance using state-of-the-art analytical, testing and evaluation equipment. With our products often being the smallest ingredient in complex formulations, our application specialists are the key to bringing out the unique and highly functional performance of our products that go far beyond their addition levels.

Specialty Chemicals

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