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Ashland offers a broad spectrum of organo- and water-soluble polymers that are derived from both natural and synthetic resources. Our extensive product line includes derivatized cellulose polymers, synthetics, guar and guar derivatives that impart effective functionalities to serve a wide variety of industrial markets and specialized applications.

Our application specialists, located throughout the world, provide our customers with expert technical assistance using state-of-the-art analytical, testing and evaluation equipment. With our products often being the smallest ingredient in complex formulations, our application specialists are the key to bringing out the unique and highly functional performance of our products that go far beyond their addition levels.

Many of Ashland’s products function as performance additives that deliver high levels of end-user value in formulated products such as those found in coatings and agricultural markets. In other areas such as plastics and textiles, our chemistry functions as a processing aid, improving the quality of end products and reducing the cost of manufacture.

Solvents, Intermediates and Surfactants

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