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We've been solving problems for decades

We provide a wide range of chemistries and services to help improve mineral recovery, protect your assets and meet environmental regulations. 

Utility and Water Process Chemistries

Achieving these goals requires innovative Zalta™ chemistries including dust control, dewatering aids, viscosity modifiers, and antiscalants. These technologies are supported by our OnGuard™ monitoring and control systems and unparalleled on-site service and applications.

Whether your objective is to improve throughput or recovery, to reduce costs, or to comply with a expertiseregulatory requirement, you can count on our dedicated team to provide cost-effective solutions that exceed your expectations.

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Durable hydrometallurgical process equipment

Metal extraction process environments are among the most corrosive on the planet. Carbon steel, stainless steel or concrete piping and process vessels are seriously challenged , often breaking down shortly after being placed into service.

Conversely, FRP piping and process vessels fabricated with Derakane and Hetron epoxy vinyl ester resins deliver greatly improved durability and considerably less down time even in the most demanding hydrometallurgical environments. And at a fraction of the cost of alloys.

Today, more and more design engineers and material specifiers are demanding FRP for both new and replacement equipment used in acid extraction processes of minerals such as copper, cobalt, nickel, uranium and rare earth minerals and in metallurgical mineral recovery operations in the mining industry.

Ashland Derakane and Hetron resins have been the industry standard since the early 1950s for all types of corrosion resistant FRP process equipment used throughout the mining industry.

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