Our products help your products stand out

Customers look to us for innovation in four major segments: fabric care, household, dishwashing and institutional and industrial cleaning. We supply dye-transfer inhibitors and scale dispersants for laundry products. Our products improve cleaning performance in the kitchen and bathroom. We can improve fragrance delivery, and we are developing new solutions for higher-performing, more environmentally friendly dishwashing products.

Our cellulose ethers find a wide range of utility for viscosity enhancement, particle suspension, rheology modification and stabilization, in diverse applications in this market. From hard-surface cleaners to disinfectants and food and beverage processing, the primary function of our Klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose and Culminal™ methylhydroxypropylcellulose polymers is to improve film coverage by rheology control and the wetting behavior of the solution through surface tension reduction. Dextrol™ and Strodex™ phosphate esters are also commonly used in industrial cleaners as detergents, emulsifiers and wetting agents.