Oil and Gas

Diggin deep to find solutions

The world's ever-growing population and its increasing demand for energy makes companies like Ashland dig deep to find solutions to quench the world's thirst for energy and fossil fuels. It doesn't  take a gusher of solutions, just a few that work and work well.  Ashland's knowledge and expertise has led to solutions that help increase the efficiency of oil and natural gas extraction for on-and off-shore operations.

Maximizing the oil and gas output from every source is the key concern for oil and gas companies around the globe.  As a leading manufacturer of industrial chemical ingredients, Ashland products provide solutions for a wide range of applications. Our products include drilling fluids, stimulation fluids, completion fluids, and workover fluids, along with cementing slurries and production.  We provide oil and gas service companies superior and cost-effective fluid performance across a broad range of pH, temperature and salt conditions. In addition to being versatile and widely compatible, many of our products are also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and PLONOR rated and many contain no hazardous or toxic compounds.

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Antaron™ (Ganex™) polymers AquaFLO™ standard grade polyanionic cellulose AquaPAC™ polyanionic cellulose EcoDura™ aqueous fluidized polymer suspension Inhibex™ gas hydrate inhibitors Jaypol™ additives XXtraDura™ GMA multipurpose additive Techwax™ drilling mud additives XxtraDura™ universal fluid-loss additive Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose Drewplus™ foam control agents Strodex™ & Dextrol™ surfactants Surfadone™ wetting agent Aqualon™ (Blanose™, Bondwell™) carboxymethylcellulose THF - Tetrahydrofuran