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Healthier versions of familiar foods can be difficult for food formulators to achieve, but ingredient innovations from Ashland are bringing that capability to manufacturers.

Our food ingredient solutions add texture, increase moisture, and improve processing efficiency and finished-product quality in major food applications. We create value for food ingredient customers through applications knowledge, market insight, and a distinctive product portfolio.

The results are all around you:

  • Economical protein stabilization in acidified dairy products
  • Enhanced moisture and shelf life in bakery products
  • Enhanced mouthfeel in reduced-sugar beverages
  • Reduced oil uptake in fried foods
  • Reduced saturated fats with meat substitutes
  • Reduced milk fat with creamy mouthfeel in whipped toppings

Ashland Specialty Ingredients is a world leader in cellulosic food ingredients. Ashland’s stabilizers and gums are recognized around the world for quality, consistency and performance. These ingredients are derived from renewable, natural raw materials, and are produced in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facilities in Asia, Europe and the United States.

We do more than just manufacture ingredients—our products are supported by a global network of research and application scientists and technically trained salespeople. Since the 1950s, our solutions and expertise have enabled formulators to break new ground in food and beverage performance.