Building an exciting future

Ashland is operating in a new and exciting era, focused on delivering innovative chemistries to customers around the world. To continue to be successful, we need great people in a variety of disciplines. Today, we are already thinking about our future leaders – people like you.

We offer internships, co-ops and full-time employment options in a variety of positions and locations. An internship at Ashland provides a solid foundation on which to start a career or to gain a better understanding of the career choices available in today’s innovative workplace.

Interns at Ashland facilities around the world find themselves on the front lines – being treated more like employees than students. Our interns represent a wide variety of disciplines, including chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical sciences, chemical and manufacturing engineering, communications, human resources, finance and accounting, supply chain management, industrial engineering, and information technology.

In addition to internships, we also have career opportunities for recent graduates in a range of fields including:

● Accounting
● Finance
● Administrative and Support Services
● Communications And Corporate Affairs
● Customer Service
● Engineering
● Environmental, Health and Safety
● Facilities and Maintenance
● Human Resources
● Information Technology
● Legal
● Manufacturing and Production
● Purchasing
● Quality Assurance
● Research and Development
● Retail
● Sales and Marketing
● Warehousing, Transportation and Logistics