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Blending possibilities, passion and relationships

We strongly believe in the value produced by relationships, those created by our specialty chemicals and those that grow between one person and another. This is central to the difference we deliver. No matter the market or the country, we’re passionate about the possibilities created through good chemistry for the benefit of our customers, our communities and, ultimately, our planet. 

This passion shows up in everything we touch: stronger and safer building materials made with polyester and vinyl ester resins; specialty coatings for food packaging that provide superior protection and preservation; biocides that enable more efficient and sustainable manufacturing; automotive lubricants and fluids that make vehicles perform better; wind turbine blades that get their shear strength from our structural acrylic adhesive, and even in environmentally friendly thickeners for paints that brighten homes the world over. Ultimately, it’s not just one but all of these great things, combined with great working relationships, that enable us to grow our customers’ businesses and our own.

Discover Ashland

We provide specialty chemicals, technologies and expertise to our customers worldwide.

This is How We Work

Our vision, mission, values and operating principles guide all we do everywhere in the world.



Taking a Look Back

Throughout our history we have remained true to our heritage of partnership. 

We've Grown and Changed

A long and winding road has led to a sharp focus on specialty chemicals.

Chemistry is Our Culture

At Ashland, our good chemistry is as much about great people as it is about great science.