We reach out as a company, employee teams, and individuals – listening, caring, and giving to build stronger communities around the world. Through our Responsible Care Program, we proactively engage with our communities through transparency and two-way communications. With a primary focus on education, the environment and health and human services initiatives, we provide support both financially and through hands-on involvement. We are “Community Builders” and we’re committed to making the world a better place to live.


community engagement

Ashland has a long history of engaging local communities where our facilities operate to help create successful communities. Through the use of Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) we strive to understand local issues and foster engagement.

The purpose of a CAP is to:

• Provide an open forum for honest two-way communication to build trust and credibility with the local community
• Provide to the community information about our operations and goals
• Enable members of the community to ask questions or comment on our on our operations and goals
• Allow company representatives to hear and learn about community issues and concerns

Members of CAPs represent a well balanced cross section of community stakeholders that can include homeowners, retirees, local businesses, local governmental personnel and emergency responders. At Ashland, CAPs are active in 12 percent of the communities where we have operations.

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