Ashland Plex #3 - bond renew

formula #: 12770-44B
material #: 909992


Ashland Plex Conditioner #3 has the same active ingredient of Ashland Plex Conditioner #1 to renew broken bonds and strengthen hair. Apply a generous amount once a week, leave on hair for 10-20 minutes. The longer it is kept on, the more effective it is. Follow with your regular shampoo and conditioner regimen. For best results on very damaged hair, use with our Intensity Premium Hair Strengthening Shampoo with FiberHance BM solution and the Hair Strengthening 3 Minute Hair Mask.

N-DurHance™ AA-2000 conditioning polymer
Polysurf™ 67 CS cetyl modified hydroxyethylcellulose
Refined Shea Butter

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