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At Ashland, we focus our technical and commercial resources on the most important challenges in the industry. We continue the tradition of delivering allure and usability by capturing the latest trends and needs for high performance boats.

That is why we produced a series of marine gelcoat training videos providing manufacturers with a way to properly train their employees. These videos provide training on gelcoat application, gelcoat repair and application of laminating resin. 

A companion document complements each video.

To learn more about Ashland's marine training videos, please fill out the contact form.

Video 1: Ashland Gelcoat Application Video/Training 
This training video focuses on gelcoat application and outlines all key aspects of storing and applying Ashland gelcoats in a manner that is safe and will provide lasting value to the end user.

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Video 2: Ashland Gelcoat Repair Video/Training
This gelcoat repair training video focuses on properly applying and patching the product. Improperly applied patches may discolor or chalk faster than the non-patched areas or be quite noticeable to the boat owner.

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Video 3:  Ashland Laminating Resin Video/Training
This resin training video outlines best practices for using Ashland laminating resin, which will provide lasting value to the end user.

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