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Pliogrip™ structural adhesives have been used for composite bonding in automotive and heavy truck applications for more than 40 years. Formulated to bond composites, plastics, metals and glass, and available in two-part polyurethane, epoxy and methacrylate technologies, Pliogrip structural adhesives can be an effective solution in a wide variety of applications. Consider Pliogrip adhesives for bonding and assembly of automotive composites, lightweight vehicles, fiberglass boats, metal fabrications and virtually any application that requires a strong, reliable bond.


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European products

Pliogrip™ 9100/9115 EU, 9100/9510 EU, 9100/9710 EU
Innovative, performance focused structural two-part polyurethane adhesive systems for mass production. Developed for preparation-free joining in fully and semi automated assembly processes. The robust 9100 EU technology provides long term durable, fatigue resistant joints with high end mechanical properties. This technology is perfectly suited to increase productivity while reducing waste and process afford.
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Pliogrip™ 7400/76xx EU (77xx cartridge series)
High strength, impact tough two-part polyurethane adhesive systems with use references in numerous OEM, OES and aftersales applications. Excellent specific adhesion to a broad range of materials, paired with fast cure profiles, robust processing and highly reproducible mechanical properties made this adhesive series to become one of the industry benchmark products for primer less carbon fiber composite bonding and plastic repair. A true allrounder adhesive system..
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Pliogrip™ Impact 3540B and 3540W
MDI free two -part room temperature curing polyurethane adhesive systems offering a unique combination of flexibility and strength. The systems distinguish themselves with excellent specific adhesion to thermoset and thermoplastic materials as well as to coated metals. Greatly enhanced impact toughness sets it apart from other commercial two-component plastic bonding and repair systems. The unique chemistry of these polyurethane adhesives systems allows non-yellowing white variants.
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Pliogrip™ 5401B/5461EU (5761BEU cartridge system)
Crash toughened structural two-part epoxy adhesive system with remarkable allrounder features. Intended for use in metal and thermoset composite panel bonding. This system is used for original equipment assemblies as well as in structural repair or replacement of automotive parts such as fenders, roofs or doors. It differentiates itself from similar adhesive systems by its easy dispense, robust adhesion to diverse materials and high heat resistance. Unlike other two-part Epoxies it does not change its mechanical properties upon post-cure.
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Pliogrip™ 2400/2808B and 2500/2905B
Two-component semi-structural polyurethane adhesive systems exhibiting hyper-elastic behavior in tensile force. Not having the polyurethane typical glass transition within the automotive temperature range, these systems grant nearly temperature independent mechanical properties between -35 and 85°C. High elongation make them the predestinated systems for joining large structures with materials having dissimilar thermal expansions. These unique properties are achieved through molecular architecture and are not dependent on addition of plasticizers.
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