Arotran ™ unsaturated polyester, epoxy vinyl ester and B-side resins

Chemistry: Composites

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Arotran resins and resin systems can be utilized in the automotive and heavy-truck markets for both Class A and structural-part applications. Arotran resins can be utilized in a wide range of processes such as sheet molding compound (SMC), high-pressure resin-transfer molding, open-mold laminating, bulk-molding compounding (BMC) and infusion.

Arotran resin technology provides excellent mechanical properties, toughness and surface appearance. Arotran resins can also provide a molded-in black color that eliminates the need for paint with excellent UV stability.

Arotran Class A SMC and structural resins utilize nano-composite materials to provide original equipment manufacturers and molders with lower-mass SMCs which result in lighter parts. Parts made from Arotran Class A resins offer superior surface finish, reduction in paint pops, excellent bond and paint adhesion properties. Parts made from Arotran structural resins provide lower-mass structural parts with excellent mechanical and heat-resistance properties.

Arotran B-side resins are blended thermoset and thermoplastic-carrier resins that are combined with magnesium oxides to control thickening response.

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