aquarius™ TF film coating systems

Aquarius™ TF film coating systems provide superior opacity, brightness and aesthetics to tablets compared to other TF coatings. Recent safety concerns related to TiO2 have resulted in a need for safe and effective TiO2 free coatings. Aquarius™ TF film coating systems are formulated without the use of titanium dioxide as the opacifier filler. All-coatings are specifically designed to meet regulatory and application needs. 

features and benefits

  • available in clear, white, or pigmented (synthetic or naturally derived color) versions
  • white coatings comparable to TiO2-based coatings
  • attractive appearance and finish
  • clean, crisp logo definition
  • available in a wide range of solids applications (10% to 30%) and polymer-based options


wide selection of pigmented  aquarius™ TF  options - 

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poster presentation

Fill out the form below to download a poster from the presentation - "Evaluation of a novel titanium-free film coating formulation with whiter, brighter and glossier finish properties" by Leila Giarola, Ronald Hach, Kaphish Karan.