Aquarius™ Prime film coating systems

chemistry: film coating systems

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Aquarius Prime film coating systems disperse easily in water and are applied to immediate-release dosage forms. Film coatings for immediate-release tablet-coating applications are typically comprised of a polymer, a plasticizer and optional pigment/opacifier. Aquarius Prime film coating systems are available in clear and white formulations off the shelf.

Aquarius Prime film coating systems can be matched to customers’ existing HPMC film coating systems. These products are useful in many applications where special coating functionality is not a major requirement. However, Ashland takes great care in formulating all film coatings in our portfolio. The selection of ingredients and ingredient levels for a formulation is a critical factor in obtaining the target appearance and performance on the tablet core and in minimizing processing problems. Optimizing a film coating formulation requires balancing critical properties, such as film strength, film adhesion, film flexibility and opacity.

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