Aquarius™ Preferred film coating systems

chemistry: film coating systems

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Aquarius Preferred film coating systems disperse easily in water. These film coatings are applicable to both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solid dosage forms. Ashland formulators have access to an unrivaled range of cellulosic and other polymeric excipients, enabling Aquarius film coating systems to be tailored to meet exacting requirements.

To maximize the efficiency of the coating application process, high-solids loadings are desirable. By reducing the coating time using high-solids formulations, productivity is increased and overall manufacturing costs are reduced. Aquarius Preferred film coating systems are state-of-the-art immediate-release coatings, which have been scientifically formulated with careful polymer selection. High-solids cellulosic or high-solids PVP/VA formulations improve film adhesion to all substrates, especially those that offer challenges in aqueous film coating. When compared to competitive offerings, Aquarius film coating systems have proven to offer smoother, more consistent coverage even at the highest solids levels.

Clear advantages in film coating process productivity are seen with high-solids suspensions. These formulations allow the solids content of the coating system to be increased significantly (typically up to 20 percent w/w solids for pigmented coatings, and in certain cases up to 25 percent) with viscosities in the range of 100 to 300 cP.

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