technical seminar program at in-cosmetics Global 2019

Discover how Advantage™ Revive helps to address consumer needs in the fast growing “Dry Shampoo” trend

date: Tuesday April 2, 2019
location: theatre 2
time: 14:40-15:10
speaker: David Popplewell, Global Marketing Manager – Hair Care, Ashland

For some consumers, dry shampoos are an important part of their hair care routine. While traditional shampoo use is universal, dry shampoo use is growing, with an expected CAGR of 6.2% globally between 2017 and 2022. In the US, 94% of adults use shampoo whereas 43% of consumers aged 18-34 use dry shampoo, according to Lightspeed/Mintel. Dry shampoo is still seen as a niche format; it is viewed as a complementary cleansing product and used for several reasons, from preserving color fade to saving water to refreshing hair to or just reviving the styling of hair. Current formulas are based on a similar technology and can leave the hair looking lifeless, dull, less refreshed, and in some cases just as greasy, as per a variety of consumer reviews.

Ashland solvers have amplified the efficacy of dry shampoo sprays and mousses with a brand new, patented solution: Advantage™ Revive polymer. This unique technology has been shown to provide superior cleaning with less visible residue. After use, hair is left more manageable, feeling cleaner, and looking shinier with enhanced luster. More details to be revealed in the session.



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