HydroSheer™ sun care formulations

Chemistry: Cosmetic Chemicals

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HydroSheer sun care formulations can be applied transparent and will stay transparent in the presence of water. Even when applied to wet skin, consumers avoid unsightly whitening effects typically formed by standard water-resistant sunscreen formulas.

Consumers may now apply or reapply sunscreen at any time. Patent-pending HydroSheer sun care formulations contain the Advantage™ Plus polymer and select ester-based emollients with a dielectric constant greater than 5. (A dielectric constant greater than 5 in combination with the appropriate alcohol levels tends to give clear films.)

HydroSheer sun care formulations offer:

• the assurance of properly functioning water-resistant sunscreen sprays that may be applied onto wet skin;
• efficacious and aesthetically pleasing anhydrous spray sunscreens, and
• high-performing, water-resistant sunscreen sprays with higher SPF retention following immersion in water.

Ashland also has developed a patent-pending gel. This form features our Allianz™ OPT polymer and FlexiThix™ polymer, which also offer water resistancy.

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