Ashland™ carbomers

chemistry: acrylates

INCI/chemical name: carbomer

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Ashland carbomers are cross-linked polyacrylic polymers of high molecular weight. They are anionic in nature and acidic in their unneutralized state and have to be neutralized with an appropriate base to achieve their thickening ability. Ashland carbomers are extremely efficient thickeners and powerful stabilizers at low concentrations in water and aqueous ethanol.

Ashland carbomers exhibit pseudoplastic rheological behavior. They have high yield value and demonstrate a short texture, making them valuable as emulsion stabilizers, gel formers and suspending agents. Typical use levels are 0.2 percent to 1.0 percent. Ashland carbomers are effective over a wide pH range of 5 to 10.

Ashland carbomers are hydrophilic and proper care is needed to successfully disperse and wet out the polymer. Once dispersed, Ashland carbomers need to be neutralized with a base to activate the thickening.


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