A challenge for every formulator is selecting the right preservative system that delivers an effective level of protection against bacteria, yeast and mold. The family of preservatives from Ashland offers a variety of solutions for skin, sun and hair care products and are available in five categories – progressive preservatives, nature-identical preservatives, aromatics with antimicrobial properties, classic preservatives and boosters preservatives.

For a better insight into our innovations and ingredients, use our preservative tool selector to help find the preservative product that meets you needs or view the videos below to see our team of Solvers showcasing the latest innovations.

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The Preservatives Newsletter featuring Ashland's progressive preservative solutions, the top 10 trends in preservatives as well as facts on Phenoxyethanol and "free from" preservatives trend is now available.

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Ashland's preservatives in cosmetics - what's next for preservatives

Who solves for the future? We do.

Learn about what is next for preservatives in cosmetics. 


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Ashland's preservatives in cosmetics - wet wipe challenge

Who is up to the challenge of the preservation of wet wipes? We are.

What do you need to know when determining the best antimicrobial solution for your wet wipe? Watch the video and find out. Ask our solvers at Ashland and send us your wet wipe challenge.


Ashland's preservatives in cosmetics - a safety belt for your cosmetics

Who offers a safety belt for your cosmetics? We do.

Watch the video to understand how Ashland´s solvers and their antimicrobial technologies help you to produce safe cosmetic products.


Ashland's preservatives in cosmetics - Optiphen P delivery platform

Who optimizes the delivery of non-alcohol preservatives? We do.

Watch our video to better understand the advantage and working principle of Ashland´s innovative antimicrobial delivery systems.


Ashland's preservatives in cosmetics - Preservative Selector

Who helps you select the right preservative? We do.

The Ashland preservative selector tool allows you to determine the appropriate “antimicrobial technology” based on your specific and dynamic criteria like pH-value, cosmetic application and chemistry/technology type.



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