Welcome to the world of preservatives, we want to share with you the latest updates and give you a better insight into our latest innovations and meet our team of Solvers.

upcoming event - NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2019
Make sure you visit the Ashland solvers in booth 1225, May 7-8 in in New York City to discover the new Ashland launches, and try out the preservatives tool live.

featured video:

Ashland's preservatives in cosmetics - a safety belt for your cosmetics  

Who offers a safety belt for your cosmetics? We do.

Watch the video to understand how Ashland´s solvers and their antimicrobial technologies help you to produce safe cosmetic products.



other videos:

Ashland's preservatives in cosmetics - Optiphen P delivery platform  

Who optimizes the delivery of non-alcohol preservatives? We do.

Watch our video to better understand the advantage and working principle of Ashland´s innovative antimicrobial delivery systems.






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