phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional

chemistry: preservatives

INCI: raspberry ketone, recognized by consumers as natural

who brings the power of raspberry to oral care? we do.

Harnessing the power of raspberries, phyteq raspberry multifunctional technology is a natural antimicrobial technology discovered with the help of artificial intelligence.   It has demonstrated benefits in boosting the preservation of mouthwash as well as synergies with common oral care antimicrobials. It also has antioxidant benefits.

facts about raspberry ketone

Raspberry ketone is part of a family of natural molecules called phenylpropanoids known to protect against microorganisms, such as green tea catechins, and benzoic acid. In nature It occurs in a variety of fruits, including raspberries.

Ashland offers two grade of the multi-functional technology:

phyteq™ raspberry n

A COSMOS-validated, 100% natural origin product with low environmental impact in sourcing and manufacturing

phyteq™ raspberry i

A natural identical product that is well recognized by consumers as natural

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oral care feature and benefits:

  • readily biodegradable and globally compliant (including China)
  • low dosage (0.2-0.8%) provides broad antimicrobial boosting effect
  • wide pH applicability (pH 4 – 8)
  • excellent temperature stability (up to 80°C)
  • good formulation compatibility (no impact on stability, color)
  • strong antioxidant and free radical scavenger benefits for healthy gum
  • neutral taste and odor
  • Cosmos validated – 100% natural origin (phyteq™ raspberry N)
  • low environment impact in sourcing and manufacturing (phyteq™ raspberry N)

oral care applications:

  • mouth washes and rinses
  • toothpastes
  • whitening gels
  • denture adhesives
  • treatment products

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