Gantrez™ S polymers

chemistry: Vinyl Ether polymers and copolymers

INCI: PVM/MA Copolymer

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Our Gantrez™ S polymer line of methyl vinyl ether and maleic acid copolymers are bioadhesives that function in wet environments. They serve as excellent film formers and mucosal adhesives. These polymers deliver and hold actives on mucus membranes.

Available as a solution and powders, Gantrez S copolymers are the free acid of Gantrez AN polymers. These copolymers are water-soluble resulting in clear, tacky solutions whose rheology can be modified with the addition of salts and bases.

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oral features and benefits:

- offers biadhesion to enable delivery of actives to mucous membranes
- delivers and retains oral care actives in the mouth for up to 12 hours
- holds flavors, botanicals, colors, coolants and other water-insoluble actives in the mouth
- controls tartar
- forms film to reduce flow to dentin tubule

oral care applications:

- toothpastes
- mouthwashes
- mouth moisturizers
- denture care

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