gantrez™ ms-955 polymer

chemistry: maleic anhydride polymers and copolymers

INCI/chemical name: Calcium/Sodium PVM/MA Copolymer

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a mixed sodium and calcium salt of methyl vinyl ether and maleic anhydride supplied as an off-white powder. The cations form salt bridges which further crosslink the polymer chains. In denture adhesive creams, it hydrates providing adhesion and cohesion. It is directly usable in denture adhesive formulations.

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features and benefits
  • offers excellent bioadhesion in wet environments
  • provides long term hold to
  • denture adhesive creams and powders

  • denture adhesives
  • oral patches

region currently available

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Asia Pacific / China / Europe Middle East & Africa / Latin America / North America

sustainability features

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