MicroCapsules™ encapsulates

chemistry: Encapsulates

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MicroCapsules encapsulates are produced via complex coacervation, using naturally-derived gelatin and acacia (gum arabic) as the principal wall materials – from 15μm to 2,000 μm in diameter. Visible MicroCapsules encapsulates have a minimum diameter of 500 μm and can be used in otherwise clear or homogeneously opaque carriers to provide a striking visual impact, while delivering actives or other ingredients with beneficial properties.

MicroCapsules encapsulates are invisible in the 15 μm to 50 μm range, and can be used to deliver long-lasting fragrance or other active ingredients onto substrates such as fabrics. The optimization of size, core content and wall structure allows the properties of the microcapsules to be controlled and used as a delivery system in a wide range of formulations.

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