ecothix™ polymer

chemistry: cellulosics

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Ecothix™ polymer is a novel polysaccharide system for softness and suspension. It functions as a softening booster and suspension aid for fragrance encapsulates, that provide long lasting fragrance for fabrics. Ecothix™ is optimal for low quat containing formulations. It has a natural origin content of more than 70% according to the ISO 16128 2:2017 standards and contains more than 80% of components that are either readily or primary, inherently biodegradable following OECD 301D and OECD 302B testing methodology. It is also vegan and is not classified as a microplastic following current ECHA restriction guidelines.

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features and benefits
  • boosts softness in combination with a low dosage of surfactants
  • provides rheology and suspension enabled by yield value to fabric conditioners
  • good pour aesthetics
  • suitable for use in anionic, cationic, and non-ionic systems
  • effective across a wide pH range
  • cold processable

  • fabric care (fabric conditioners)

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sustainability features

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